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TV Remote


Universal remote control for TV, you can easily turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control for all televisions.It is easy to configure and its use is very simple, it works just like a real TV remote control.The difference between "universal remote control for TV" and other applications of this style is that it is compatible with almost all TV manufacturers and models and is really easy to use.As used:1. Connect your phone or tablet to the WiFi network of Smart TV.2. Connect the Smart TV to the same WiFi network3. Install our App "universal remote control TV"4. configuration, enter the IP assigned to the television, or want to use it for infrared search your model and brand.5. Select the device and start usarel your TV remote controller.
Our Universal remote control allows the remote control of these TVs on the local network using Wifi:1. LG TV remote control2. Remote Control for Samsung TV3. Remote Control for Sony TV4. Remote control for TV Vizio5. Remote Control for Panasonic TV6. Remote Control for Philips TV7. Remote control for TV Blaupunkt8. Remote control for TV Engel9. Remote control for TV Nevir10. Remote control for TV Sharp11. Toshiba TV Remote Control
attention:this application is not currently compatible with all TVs on the market, if it fails, please be patient and inform us of your TV model and we will try to update our application to increase compatibility.